Q: If it rains do I still have hot water?
A: Yes the tank has an electric element and thermostat. You are guaranteed hot water up to thermostat setting.

Q: If the electric element is on how much electricity can I save?
A: If the Solar Water Heater is correctly sized for your family. You will save 80% of your electric geyser costs that you are now spending. This 80% is an average for the full year.

Q: If I spend all that money, when will it pay me back?
A: Most families recoup their investment between 3 8 years depending on hot water usage.

Q: After 5 years the system breaks and I have to replace it. What is the use?
A: Chromagen is designed to last up to 20 years, if it is serviced regularly and the anode is replaced. You will save approx 15 times what you invested..

Q: Why must the tank be on the roof?
A: It is the most efficient way of collecting heat and storing it. The tank MUST be as close as possible to the absorber panels. If you split the system it will lose efficiency.

Q: How long does it take to install?
A: Between 3-8 hours depending on how difficult the installation is.

Q: Why can I not re-use my old geyser?
A: Your old geyser is designed for electrical heating and is not solar compatible. If you adapt an old geyser to solar heating you will end up with a hybrid solution that is very inefficient.

Q: How do I determine if my roof is suitable for a SWH system, i.e. below 30 deg pitch.
A:Either find a protractor and measure the pitch on the rafter, OR - can you walk on the roof with out sliding off? This will be about 30 deg or lower!

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