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Let the sun shine in.

If you are not using the sun to heat up your water, not only are you wasting your money, you are also contributing to global warming. Old technology 'conventional' water heaters are mostly the biggest energy users in the home and can contribute up to 7 tonnes of greenhouse gas annually.

A key factor is the all-copper design of the solar panels. Not only is copper the best conductor of heat, it also goes the distance so far as longevity is concerned. So our customers not only save the most in the long run, they also get the highest ESKOM rebates. They look good too!

The old myths that you run short of hot water when the sun does not shine or that it takes a long time to install a solar water system are just that - myths. While most of the energy comes free from the sun, electric boosters automatically cut in if the weather turns bad, so there's always plenty of hot water, and a solar system installation can be completed in a matter of hours.

Thermosyphon Systems
Thermosyphon systems call on Mother Nature to circulate water through the solar collectors to the storage tank using the Passive Thermosyphon principle that hot water rises naturally, hence eliminating the need for circulating pumps or other moving parts. Chromagen’s Thermosyphon systems are the most straightforward, economically viable and energy efficient designs available. A electric backup booster provides energy during cloudy weather, so you can have plenty of hot water when you need it.

The Thermosyphon systems include:
Solar collector(s)

Storage tank sized to suit your requirements

Connecting Kit

Tank sizes vary from 150, 200 to 300 litres so there is a size to suit your particular needs. Depending on your location and climate, you may choose an Open Loop or Closed-Loop system.

1.1 Open-Loop Systems
Suitable for warm climates

In Open-Loop systems, the water circulates through the solar collectors and is heated directly by the sun. These systems are suitable for climates that are frost-free and have good water quality.

1.2 Close-Loop Systems
Suitable for cooler climates

Closed loop systems utilize a full jacket heat exchanger to heat the water indirectly with the sun. They are particularly useful in frost prone areas and areas with poor water quality.

Warranty – Solar Systems
You can rest easy with Chromagen’s comprehensive warranty plan. The standard warranty is 5 years from the date of initial installation on storage tanks, solar collector panels, mounting frames and brackets. All other minor parts are covered for 1 year, as is labour. Your insurance company will cover you for the panel glass.

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